Prosthodontists are trained to deal with the most complex of situations.  Patients often are afflicted with extensive decay or periodontal disease despite their best attempts at prevention.

  Prosthodontists understand best which treatments can be expected to last the longest and work the best.  The treatment selected by this patient made a significant improvement in his appearance.  While some general dentists advertise themselves as 'cosmetic' dentists, the public should be aware that is NOT a specialty.  

  In fact, Prosthodontists are the only ADA recognized specialists in dental (and therefore SMILE) reconstruction.
of the American College of Prosthodontists

The more complex the case, the greater the need for careful pre-planning.  Much work was done planning this case in order to obtain a successful end result and avoid costly complications.
The photos above show bonded (glued) artificial teeth for a teen-aged patient who was born without lateral incisors.  

Non-specialists often ignore or are unaware of more appropriate treatment alternatives in unique situations.  
As usual, this patient was given multiple opportunities to select the tooth color and shape.  Not only does the end result look natural, but the patient was very happy with the end result.  
Unless you were told you would be hard pressed to guess that this patient has no remaining natural teeth - everything in the photo is fake.  A beautiful, strong, and well functioning result for this patient.  
Treatment above provided by ACP member:
Michael P. Waliszewski DDS, MsD
Brookfield, WI