Professional groups seeking continuing education lectures may select from this list of our members.  Our speakers have listed their preferred topics but will also customize their topics based upon the requests of the audience.  Please contact the member directly for scheduling details.  Generally, lectures should be scheduled with the speaker one year to six months in advance.
of the American College of Prosthodontists

Contact number:
Kenneth J. Waliszewski DDS, MS
Michael P. Waliszewski DDS, MSD
a.  TMD:  Diagnosis to Treatment (1 hour up to full day)
b.  "Guides" In Implant Dentistry (one hour)
c.  Electric HP (one hour)
d.  Floride Varnish = "holy water" (one hour)
e.  Other topics by request

MUSoD: (414)-288-1983 (T)
a.  Removable partial denture topics  (1hr to full day)
b.  Complete denture topics (1hr to full day) 
                 *including implant overdentures/hybrids
c.  Complete denture esthetics (1 hour)
d.  Historical development of the RPD (1 hour)
e.  Implant platform selection (1 hour)
f.   Treatment planning conventional fixed partial dentures (1-2 hours)
g.  Treatment planning the debilitated dentition (2 hours - full day) 
Office:    (262) 787-0677
a.  CT Guided Surgery (1 hour to full day)
b.  Custom Implant Abutments (1-4 hours) 
c.  Implant Surgical Guides (1 hour to full day)
d.  Interpretation of CT Volumes for Implant Planning (1-2 hours)
Office:    (414)-962-1800
Timothy O. Hart DDS, MS
Mark Boldt DDS
a.  Biologic guidelines for predictable 
     implant restorations  (with Dr Kopecky 3-4 hrs.)
Office:    (414)-545-5225
Kendra Schaefer DMD
a.  Provisionals for success (1-3 hours)
b.  Hot topics in dentistry for the golden years (1 hour)
c.  Biologic guidelines for predictable
     implant restorations (with Dr Boldt 3-4 hrs.)
Office:    (262)-334-3084
Office:    (608)-222-6606
a.  Head and neck cancer
b.  Childhood cancer sequelae
Michael S. Kopecky DDS, MSD
Jesse Smith DDS,MS
a.  Surgical guides
b.  CAD/CAM implant abutments and bars

Nate Farley DDS, MS
Carl Drago DDS,MS
a.  Accuracy of CT-guided implant surgical guides (1 hrs.)
Office:    (800)362-9567
ex: 52858

a.  Diagnosis and Txt. planning for Implant restorative dentistry
b.  Immediate occlusal loading (implants)
c.  Immediate non-occlusal loading (implants)
d.  Framework design for Implant dentistry
e.  Laboratory procedures in Implant dentistry
(Any/all above 1 hour to full day)
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Office:    (800)362-9567
ex: 52858